Please Note: We fix forklift controllers, not forklifts. 


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Repairing contRollers saves you time and money!


We are in the business of repairing forklift controllers. Do you really need to replace your forklift controller with a brand new one? Most forklift operators are throwing away thousands of dollars unnecessarily on the purchase of new controllers! Most could be fixed saving you around 65% of the cost of purchasing a new one! Talk to our friendly staff today and find out how we can save you significant time and money on operating your forklifts.

the experts in repairs and rebuilds of electric motor controllers for forklifts

  • Rebuild and repair of controllers to       manufacturer's specifications
  • Repairs down to component level
  • Fast fault diagnosis
  • BT forklift controllers are our SPECIALITY
  • BT RDX30 forklift controllers are our          ​      'bread and butter' work