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Forklift controllers CAN be fixed! You may not necessarily need to throw your faulty controller away, instead have it fixed for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one! We estimate most controllers can be fixed for a 65% saving of the cost of replacement! That is a huge saving for your business!

At Actron Electronics we fix Forklift controllers the old fashioned way - we fault find on the controller circuit board, replacing faulty components and returning your controller back to working condition. We have the capability and expertise to do so efficiently.

Why don't more companies do this kind of repair? Well that's simple, we have the industry leading specialised technical repair knowledge to achieve successful repairs, all inhouse. Modern modular technology means faulty modules in most systems are simply replaced, not fixed. Over time the number of technicians possessing the specialist know-how to make these kinds of repairs has diminished. But rest assured, the team at Actron Electronics can help you! 

Has another company looked at your controller and told you it is 'not repairable'? This could be because your controller is badly damaged, or it could be because our competition lacks the technical skills we possess to fault find and fix your controller. Believe it or not but a large amount of work we get are jobs that were returned to the customer as 'not repairable'. Not repairable in our line of work sometimes means "we had a go at fixing it, but it's going to take us too long to fix it".

Please note however that not all controllers are worth fixing. If the controller is badly damaged or burned it may be beyond repair. The essential component is the circuit board, once this is badly damaged or the circuit board tracks are damaged to a certain level, then it gets too costly to fix these controllers - so a replacement controller is required. However if Individual components on the circuit board have been damaged or have failed then they can be easily replaced, and this is how we fix your controller.

Are you unsure if you think your controller is repairable or not - just give us a call and we can help you make a decision on how to proceed.

Did you know we have been fixing BT Forklift controllers in Melbourne for years?! Our humble beginnings saw us fixing BT RDX30 forklift controllers. We were then approached by a major forklift operator with controllers that were deemed "not repairable". We were able to fix these controllers and this is where our specialised consulting business started. Our goal now is to expand and help out forklift operators nationally.

Do we fix other brand controllers? Yes we do! We have achieved success to date by almost exclusively fixing BT RDX30 forklift controllers, but we will look at other manufacturers controllers after all we are in the business of fixing electronics. Talk to our technicians if you want further info on exactly what we can do for you!

Give our friendly team a call  today and find out how we can help your business. You'll be glad you did.

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